About Ali Davachi

The leader in frictionless digital transformation

If you asked him yourself, Ali Davachi would tell you simply that he is a serial entrepreneur. Motivated by a drive to make things happen, Ali’s passion is building his own businesses and helping others build theirs. Something he’s done to astonishing success over the course of his 30-year career.

Take it from someone who’s worked with Ali, “He is a consummate professional and a very talented and capable technologist. Ali is passionate about ‘building’—i.e., creating something from nothing—and he most certainly demonstrated his ability to ‘build’ while we worked together,” said Scott Cruickshank, the ClickBank board director and former CEO of Talus Payments. “Over the span of nine months, he led the complete re-architecture and rebuild of the firm's core operating platform and systems, putting the company on sound footing for growth in the coming months and years. I highly recommend Ali to companies in the early/mid-stage phase of growth who are looking for a talented and driven technology leader.”

Paying his dues as a bootstrapped entrepreneur, Ali gained experience with all functional aspects of business, both technical and nontechnical—including legal, finance, marketing, operations, customer-facing, and sales. Over time, his hands-on education provided him with a high-level view of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building teams and successful businesses. Eventually, that accumulated knowledge would lead to the founding of his own company, Realware in 1999.

Committed then, now, and always to creating “frictionless” digital transformation and business acceleration Ali and Realware are the premier business-driven technology solutions platform and implementation partner. His company has led and delivered projects for startups and Fortune 500 firms (healthcare, consumer products, financial services and direct-to-consumer pure plays) with large volume mobile, payment, e-commerce, telecommunications, and customer-facing applications.

Working with these businesses Ali and Realware have delivered innovative, tailored tech solutions while driving millions in savings, allowing these firms to pursue new growth opportunities. The same exciting trajectory is possible for your company with Ali Davachi and Realware in your corner.

He is a consummate professional and a very talented and capable technologist.

Scott Cruickshank
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