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If you’re not looking ahead, you’re falling behind

Are you laying the groundwork to put your company out of business? The sad reality for most people is that they are setting their organization up for failure without realizing it. Maybe they are too reliant on the way things have always been done. Or maybe their competitors are shifting expectations for the market. Given the pace and competition that companies face today, organizations are forced to pivot or die. But how can you be sure the course you choose is the right one?

In RAPID Transformation: A Outcomes-Based Approach to Drive Results, Ali Davachi is sharing the method he created to help companies pivot when it matters most. With over 30 years of experience, Davachi’s writing is informed by real-world examples and a proven track record. Whether it is a seachange in an industry or a global pandemic, disruption will be a part of your business. Davachi’s RAPID method is designed to change the way individuals approach the concerns facing modern businesses, but its viability translates into problem-solving on even the most granular level.

RAPID stands for Research, Analyze, Plan, Implement, and Decide. At its core, RAPID is a way for anyone to approach a challenge. RAPID is a human process, creating a mindset that is capable of tackling deep organizational issues. Devoid of fluff and sentiment, RAPID is a data-based strategy that removes emotions from the equation, yielding the best results time and time again.

“RAPID is designed specifically to help you uncover the answers you need and, most importantly, put them into action in order to steer your firm to better results,” Davachi explains. “But what primarily makes RAPID work is this: having the courage to change.”

Through Ali’s clear, comprehensive outline of RAPID, readers will be able to tackle challenges as large as capitalizing on disconnected supply chains and as small as what to do for dinner tonight.

  • question mark icon Research
  • magnifying glass icon Analyze
  • plan icon Plan
  • hands in icon Implement
  • checkbox icon Decide

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